What we do

Collaboration for success

We believe that collaboration and exchange of ideas and experiences across borders are key factors for success. Therefore, we provide an international platform for networking, inspiration, reflection and exchange of ideas.

The WIMA® portal is a co-creation together with the users, bloggers and collaborators. Users and those highlighted in our portal are individuals, non-profit initiatives and organisations as well as professionals and profit-making businesses.

Get inspired by women

A special focus is set on women, because the mountain adventure community needs more female role models, women leaders and benefits from including several perspectives. Initiatives provided by, or services and products intended for women and girls are hence given extra attention in this portal.


Innovation for sustainability and climate actions

To be able to continue enjoying the mountains together with coming generations, sustainability and climate actions are essential. Therefore, we support innovations and solutions enabling more sustainable and climate friendly adventures in the mountains. 

Photographer: Jonas Tufvesson
Photographer: Staffan Niemi

Who we are

WIMA® Women in Mountain Adventures AB is a limited company founded in 2018. It is a joint effort, using our diversity as a team, to create an innovative web portal. 

We believe that the rapid climate change requires new business strategies with a stronger focus on collaboration and joint efforts across borders. 


Charlotte Cederbom (CEO/blogger) Passionate mountain adventurer and mum with a background in earth sciences research and management of innovation, governance and international collaborations focusing on climate change and sustainability. 

Andreas Wänqvist (CTO) Creative software expert and dad, who is more comfortable in a flat environment, and passionate about sustainability issues and development of smart software solutions. 

Pim Polesie (advisor) Energizing entrepreneur and dad, who prefers adventures at sea, and has a passion for networking and business development as a way to improve society. 

Bloggers and photographers

We contract a number of regular bloggers and photographers, but also welcome guest stars!

Contact us if you want to join us as a regular blogger or make a guest appearance in our blogs.


Our community includes all using this web portal for personal or professional purposes. 

We highlight and provide customized services to following categories.

Interest groups: Non-profit initiatives or organisations active in mountain adventures.

Professionals: Individuals such as guides, instructors and free-lancers who work with mountain adventures in their profession.

Influencers: Individuals active in social media as influencers of a life-style linked to mountain adventures.

Related brands: Companies that offer outdoor products or services for women, companies with a clear sustainability agenda or both.


UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) are essential to us, because we believe they are key for managing a rapid societal transformation. With this web portal we put a special focus on four of the goals:

Goal 5  Gender equality
Goal 12 Responsible consumption and production
Goal 13 Climate action
Goal 17 Partnerships for the goals 

The mountain adventure community needs more female role models, women leaders and benefits from including several perspectives. Sustainable production and consumption is crucial, and the outdoor community should take the lead. Innovative and courageous climate actions are necessary to minimize the effects of global climate change, and every action counts. Cross-border collaboration and partnerships are essential to reach the goals set by the UN for 2030. Further reading…

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals in Agenda 2030. For more information about Agenda 2030 and enlarged picture, see links below. Illustration modified from Stockholm Resilience Centre

Integrity policy

The e-mail addresses to the subscribers of our WIMA© newsletter are important to us, but we have no interest and will not use individual names and e-mail addresses for other purposes. 

Your name or e-mail address will hence not be published, shared, sold or presented in any way with a 3rd party.

The only data that may be published or used further is the volume of subscribers and the percentage of readers per country.


Profit strategy

Our blog articles are independent and written without profit interest. In addition, we choose to highlight interest groups, initiatives, professionals and influencers free of charge on the community pages. 

However, we take a fee for providing and updating web links, and for intermediating contact details to those being highlighted on the community pages. 

Our profit is generated from writing the articles labeled ‘Sponsored Articles’ and other marketing services provided through this web portal. We also provide general consultancy services regarding innovation and research.

Language policy

English is our formal language on the website, but we sometimes present blog posts in an additional language. 

To enable a quick and safe editing of comments, we only publish comments on blog posts that are written in English.